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Damn Good Productions Virtual Events

Virtual Events

A virtual event is held entirely on-line, as opposed to in-person or as a hybrid event.  Viewers attend the event via an on-line media delivery platform, and, depending on how you want your event setup, they either just watch (like a "main stage") or they can have 2 way communication with the presenters (like in a breakout room).

Virtual event platforms start simple - think a single video window - and can grow to be as complex and interactive as you want.  This can include live Q&A, viewer polling, chat boxes, guest networking, virtual expo halls, and multiple breakout sessions.


As a company with its roots in television broadcasting, the quality of our events is paramount. Our studio facilities allow for speakers to present from either a physical set (just like a real event!) or a virtual set, where our systems allow for multiple camera angles in a computer generated environment, complete with live backgrounds.  Presenters can also dial in remotely using our broadcast quality TalkShow system, allowing our technical crew to talk directly to them pre-show and giving us full control over their pictures and audio.


Depending on what you require, guests can just click a link to be on-line (with no specific software required), or we can provide a fully ticketed platform where guests are provided with their own unique logins.  No matter which option you choose, our platforms can be viewed on any device, whether Mac or Windows, desktop or mobile.  And of course, our platforms offer extensive post-event reporting so you can see exactly who logged in and for how long.


Think of a virtual event much like a real-life one - you wouldn't really want to have to plug your own mics in, put the lights up or run your own slides!  Well, it's much the same with virtual events.  Pre-show, our producers and creatives work with you to set the platform up complete with custom branding exactly how you want it.  During the event, our technical team works directly with presenters to run the show, operating slides, cutting cameras and playing videos.  Our aim is to make it as simple for everyone as possible - your audience shouldn't be worrying about the technical side, they should be listening to your message!


  1. Perfect for audiences across multiple time zones (as they can watch live as the event happens, or "on-demand")

  2. Presenters can be on the other side of the world, or on the other side of the street (super handy when in lockdown!)

  3. Budgets can be maximised, with no need for travel, accommodation or venue costs - you get more "bang for your buck"

  4. A lot more information can be made available during the event (links, documents, slide decks, URLs) so attendees are more engaged

  5. The experience can be personalised for attendees (such as different language translations, captions, different streams of interest)

  6. Interactive tools allow for more engagement (polls, Q&A, quizzes)

  7. Presentations are available post-event, so the event lives on, giving increased ROI

  8. Infinitely scalable (you can have as many presenters, sponsors, exhibitor and viewers as you'd like!)

  9. Thanks to streaming TV services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, audiences are a lot more accepting of streamed content, removing barriers to access.

  10. Most importantly, given concerns around lockdowns and travel, virtual events allow for certainty when planning meetings and shows.



Quite simply, we are one of the most experienced virtual event producers in the country.  Since 1998, we have produced tens of thousands of live streams for clients big and small across virtually every market - television, corporate, entertainment, and government.  Why not join the list of clients who can say that their virtual event was damn good? 

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