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Damn Good Productions Kitchen Studio Hire

Kitchen Studio - Sydney
We've taken our 20 years of experience producing high-end food television, and we've created a versatile and professional kitchen studio to help bring your food dreams to life.

TV Kitchen Studio for Hire - Damn Good Productions

Damn Good has worked in international food television and events for over 20 years - producing projects for such culinary stars as Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Rick Stein, James Martin, Matt Moran, Luke Mangan and many others.  

Using the knowledge gained from hundreds of video and photography shoots, we have created a kitchen set that can be setup as each client requires.  Splash back, cupboard doors, and bench tops can be interchanged to create different looks so the feel is always fresh.

In addition, we
 have a number of kitchen stage sets - created for shows such as MasterChef and My Kitchen Rules - as well an extensive range of food props and styling.  

The kitchen set consists of the following:

  • 4 burner stove and sink. 8m x 1m x 0.9m back bench with

  • Functioning stacked double oven unit

  • Double door fridge (with a choice of red Smeg-style retro fridge if required)

  • Rear wall with white tiles

  • overhead practical kitchen lighting

  • main bench - 3m x 1m x 0.9m - with 4 burner stove and functioning sink

Should clients require a custom set, we can create something out of our range of stage sets.

We can also provide a seperate food prep area as required, with food prep tables, oven, and running water.

The studio has access to all our standard facilities, including hair and makeup room, meeting rooms, and super fast internet.

Full Kitchen Studio for Hire for TV, Media, YouTube


$1 500 + GST

(5 - 8 hours)
9am - 5pm 

$950 + GST

(>4 hours)
8am to 12pm or
1pm to 5pm


Overtime  $150 p/h
Makeup Room $150
Meeting Room $150
Cleaning fee $50


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