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Damn Good Productions Studio Hire Sydney

Studio A - Sydney


Sydney Studio A - a 200sqm sound proof studio with full multi-camera broadcast facilities, lighting grid, control room, and infinite-cyc green screen.

Sydney Studio For Hire Damn Good Productions

The stage is set for your next production with Damn Good's Studio 1, a 200sqm sound proofed studio, perfect for photography (cars can drive straight in); tv commercials; corporate presentations; web streams; and live entertainment (the space can even fit a live studio audience).

The studio has gloss black epoxy flooring with black velour theatrical drape around the main studio floor.  Walls are painted matte black.  There is a ceiling grid for lighting, and 3 x 32A 3 phase outlets for power.  The studio can be fully blacked out.  One section of the studio has a 50sqm green screen space, with a 2 sided infinity cyc.  For more information on the green screen, click here.


Full Production Studio for Hire in Sydney at Damn Good Productions

The attached Control Room is based around a Tricaster TC1 Production Switcher which, together with the Newtek Talkshow VS4000, offers a total of 6 channels of Skype TX remote channels.  Control room facilities include talkback, monitoring, autocue control, and wireless IFB to talent.  The Control Room can facilitate multiple live streams simultaneously, and internet access is provided by a 1Gb Fibre, with 2 x 100Mb NBN lines as backup.

The studio can be dry hired, or can be provided fully crewed with equipment, which includes 4 HD camera chains, each with on-camera autocues, CCUs and Sachtler pedestals; full lighting rig including Arri 1k and 2k fresnels with dimming and VariLite VL2500 spots and washes; and sound including Shure wireless lapel mics and IFB.  Clients are also able to hire from Damn Good's extensive range of audio, video AV, lighting and staging equipment for use during shoots. 


Damn Good Productions Control Room

The studio has flat access from our loading dock, is air-conditioned, and can take an audience of over 100 people.  Other facilities in-house include a green room, an 8 person board room, another 8 person meeting room, a make-up / change room, a kitchen, and post production facilities. 

We are a 10 minute drive from Sydney Airport, and 15 minutes from the centre of the city.

CLICK HERE to make a booking.

DIMENSIONS:      15m x 15m
HEIGHT:                4.0m to grd
POWER:                3 x 32A 3 phase
AIR CON:               yes

FLOORING:           black gloss epoxy
DRAPING:             black velour on tab track
GREEN SCREEN: 2 sided infinity cyc

CAMERAS: JVC GY-HM790U studio chains
SUPPORT: Sachtler System 25 pedestals
AUTOCUE: 3 x on-camera units
AUDIO:       Shure lapel radio mics and IEMs
LIGHTING: 12 x 2.4kw dimming
                   6 x 5kw dimming
                   Arri Studio 1kw & 2kw Fresnels

Newtek Tricaster TC1 Switcher
JVC CCUs with RCPs and tally interface
Newtek Talkshow VS4000
Teleprompter software
Clearcom talkback
Apple Mac Mini production machine


Damn Good Productions Sydney Studios Floor plan



$1 250 + GST

(8 hours)
e.g. 9am to 5pm 

$950 + GST

(4 hours)
e.g. 8am to 12pm or
1pm to 5pm


Overtime  $150 p/h
Makeup Room $150
Meeting Room $150
Cleaning fee $50



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