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Damn Good Productions Australia

About Us

Well hello there. Nice to meet you - in a virtual sense at least. Seeing as you clicked the “about us” button, we guess you would like to know a bit about who we are.

So where to start? How about the beginning? It all started way back in 1988 when we started off making videos for a very select range of clients (or, in some less snooty circles, they might be called friends and family). Things have changed a bit in 33 years. Today, we are communications troubleshooters and innovators.What does that mean? It means if you need to get a message across to people, we will help you work out the best way to achieve this. Then we get on and do it!

So How Do We Make You Damn Good?

Well, for instance, we produce great events. Face to face communications that leaves your audience gasping for more. We also make videos about all sorts of things. For all types of people. You can call it corporate communications if you like. Maybe you need a video making? If you do, ask us. We even make TV shows, which is nice. Of course, that’s not all we do. Oh no. We do all kinds of things. Here’s a nice list for you to read….

and this is just the beginning...

Let us help you be Damn Good, too!

Maybe we can do something for you? Give us a call or pop us a quick email.
We’re good at what we do, or so people tell us.

Oh - and we also like to put together websites. We are good at that too!

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