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Damn Good Productions Sport Events

Sports Presentation Services

For over 20 years, Damn Good crews have been sharing fields, courts and ranges with sports men and women from a wide cross section of sports disciplines as we produce exciting and innovative sports presentation solutions.  We get fans engaged and excited! 

"Sports Presentation" is the art of bringing sporting events to the live in-stadium audience. Whether it be a half-time show of a national basketball game, stats and replays for football and soccer, or providing big screen coverage of a golf tournament, Sports Presentation is a vital element of the "game day" experience.

Since 2000, we have led the way in developing, producing and executing innovative multi-media event presentation solutions.  We connect with fans from a wide cross section of sports, creating exciting programs across multiple sports and venues.  We love creating impactful moments that engage fans and add excitement, and our wide variety of in-house services raises the bar and provides you with a full-service production solution.  We design our coverage to fit your team’s brand and engage fans with their favourite sport.  Game days are some of the most exciting events in the world and creating incredible moments is what the Damn Good team does best!

Get your fans chanting, get social media ticking, and let us deliver a game stopping half-time show!


We have the equipment and crew to bring the

game to the crowds.  Wireless camera kits,

vision switchers, comms, game clocks, scoring,

replay, recording and stats - we can do it all.


Our crews have years of experience in working

with broadcast partners and judiciary providers

to ensure we cover all the bases (so to speak). 

Before each game we work with clubs and

broadcast partners to ensure we have all the

content for game day loaded and ready to go.  

This includes player lists, holding graphics,

sponsor ads, TVCs, and any other content that

needs to be displayed on-screen.  We also

produce motion graphics including player

headshots, scoring templates, and other content

required during a season.


We work with club sponsors to ensure obligations are

fulfilled - whether by playing ads during break in play,

or by having advertising real estate permanently on the

big screen.  We also assist advertising clients by

producing TVCs and graphics.


We have trailer and truck based LED screens to bring

your game to life no matter where the venue.

Damn Good Productions Sports Presentation
Damn Good Productions Sport Events Filming and Broadcast
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