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Out Of The Ordinary - Damn Good Productions

Out of the Ordinary


Out Of The Ordinary gives viewers an insider's access to the most luxurious destinations, spectacular locations, and greatest collection of experiences that the world has to offer.  In this brand new television program,  Richard Crawford gives viewers unprecedented access to places and experiences that are well and truly out of the ordinary - from a luxury tree house in the Chilean rain forest to glamping in Kenya surrounded by exotic animals. 


Nothing is off limits, so sit back and relax as Richard shows you how the other half travel.  These experiences aren’t out of your reach, but they are definitely out of the ordinary.  

The Gourmet Life - Damn Good Productions

The Gourmet Life


Josh Rea is Australia's "go to guy" for the finest and most expensive gourmet goodies money can buy.  For the first time, Josh opens his "little black book" of the producers of these artisan delights, and he introduces us to the producers, the products, and the locations. From caviar farms in the Pyrenees, edible gold in Florence, and the world's best coffee in Rome to the freshest salmon in Norway, Josh's global gourmet odyssey will wow any foodie.


Not content with seeing where the world's most exclusive foods come from, we also visit the people who know how to use it best - from 3 star chefs to local barkeeps.  This is a gourmet journey not to be missed!

Leave No Trace -Damn Good Productions

Leave No Trace


The term "Leave No Trace" refers to a set of outdoor ethics promoting conservation in the outdoors.  In this series, host Richard Crawford goes in search of unique experiences that are as committed to protecting the environment as they are to showcasing it.  Travelling to all 7 continents, Richard discovers that being eco-sensitive doesn't mean you can't do it in style.  From the Sacred Valley of the Incas in Peru to private islands in Thailand and everywhere in between, this series explores the best of eco-adventure that the world has to offer.

The show is currently airing on Amazon Prime, National Geographic People, and on free to air channels across Europe.

Freshwater Blue - Damn Good Productions

Freshwater Blue


Freshwater Blue follows the lives of a group of teenagers from Sydney's northern suburbs as they transition from school to adult hood.  The Damn Good team conceived the idea, cast the talent, and shot the show over 3 months.  Freshwater Blue was MTV Networks Australia's first ever local commission with 8 episodes being aired in Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, and other MTV markets globally.

Sticky Fingers - Damn Good Productions

Sticky Fingers


Sticky Fingers is a cooking program developed especially for children 4 - 7.  Hosted by popular presenter Jaynie Seal, the show features recipes with a healthy focus, accompanied by songs, activites and games to help make the whole process of eating properly both educational and fun.    

In The Deep End with Ian Thorpe - Damn Good Productions

In The Deep End


A food show with a difference - part variety show, part talk show, part cooking demo.  In The Deep End with Ian Thorpe gives Australia's greatest ever Olympian a stage to show his cooking skills.  Each episode features a special guest join Ian for dinner, and he creates a menu to suit.  The show is filmed on stage, with a band, in front of a live audience - giving a different energy to the other food shows on air.

Crime Scene Cleanup - Damn Good Productions

Crime Scene Cleanup


When the police leave, the crime scene cleaners move in to do the dirty work.  This series follows the team at Clean Queens, a specialist forensic cleaning company.  Murders, suicides, hoarders, "decomps" - it sounds bad and, well, it is.  But the Crime Scene Cleaners do their job with humour and professionalism, but sometimes behind the scenes is more intruiging than the job itself...

Insider - The Daily Telegraph - Damn Good Productions



The Sunday Telegraph is Australia's most read newspaper, and the team at Insider 
help make it that way.  Jmo, Elle, Ros, and the rest of the team are "gossip columnists" but, to them, this is as serious as news gets.  Insiders follows the team as each week they interview the stars, go to the parties, and dig the dirt that over 1, 000, 000 people read.

Vegas or Bust - Damn Good Productions

Vegas Or Bust


This 9 part observational documentary follows the lives of 10 Australian dancers as they follow their dreams of becoming real-life Vegas showgirls.  "Sydney After Dark" is an all Australian revue debuting in Vegas, and this programme follows how the show comes together.  From casting, to rehearsals, to them arriving in Vegas, this programme follows their roller-coaster ride as they try to make it big.  

Wimp or Warrior - Damn Good Productions

Wimp 2 Warrior


Wimp 2 Warrior is the "Ultimate Human Experiment" where regular people are thrown into a 6-month professional MMA fight camp.  At the end of the camp, the newly formed fighters will step into the cage to fight.


Wimp 2 Warrior is an exciting platform to help bring MMA into the mainstream, demonstrating that anyone can take part and train in this amazing sport.


Season 1 of the programme featured 7 episodes, with the final episode a multi camera OB of the grand finale fight night.

Body After Baby - Damn Good Productions

Body After Baby


Elle Ip is a mother with a mission.  Just before she had her second baby, she weighed over 90 kgs.  Her mission was to not only lose weight, but to appear on stage as a sportsmodel within 9 months of having the baby.  Body After Baby is an observational documentary following Elle and her family as they work towards her stage debut.  But its not easy - husband Jon is diagnosed with a brain tumour, money is tight, and Elle is looking after 2 young children almost singlehandedly.  Will she win?  In fact, will she even make it?  Can she get her body back after her baby?

Rudi’s Rules - Damn Good Productions

Rudi's Rules


Brothers Rudi and Max Dietz have been running their German restaurant for over 40 years.  Ask their customers what they think, and you'll get one of two answers - they are either loyal to a fault, or they will never return!  Rudi is the Maitre D', and he runs the restaurant like it's his living room - and it's either his way or the highway.  Brother Max's kitchen is like his U Boat, and there is no doubt that he is the captain.  Together, they form a formidable team that makes Fawlty Towers look like a holiday camp.  This observational documentary follows the customers, the staff, and the brothers that make this extraordinary restaurant the stuff of legend.  You've never seen a waiter chased out of a restaurant with a meat cleaver before? Well, you mustn't have been to Stuyvesant House. 

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