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Damn Good Productions Australia

Video Production

Want to move them? Motivate them? Make them laugh (or cry)? Damn Good can do. Outstanding Video Production is our passion. We live it, we breathe it.


Our Services

A well-produced video can capture the memories of an outstanding event, motivate your team, or effectively communicate your company’s message. What’s more, Damn Good has the resources to shoot, edit and distribute your project – and we aren’t talking one person & a laptop here.  Our resources are far more cutting edge!

Our in-house facilities (think multiple edit suites, fully configured television studios, broadcast camera equipment, and high-speed fibre optic internet links) combine to give you the perfect “one-stop” video production solution. We write, shoot, edit and distribute a huge range of programming – from corporate videos to commercials; from webisodes right through to broadcast television programs.


We have cameras, sound, and lighting equipment to shoot the jobs and the latest edit suites to put it all together.

Ben Alcott Damn Good Productions Pre Production


Pre Production

We initiate and develop the ideas, write the scripts, storyboard the shoots, and manage the entire production process, including location scouting, talent sourcing & casting.



We own a wide range of the latest broadcast quality cameras and production equipment, and we have the most experienced crew to operate them.

Damn Good Productions in Studio Camera Sydney Australia
Damn Good Productions Ariel Photography - Need a drone shot?


Aerial Photography

The Damn Good team have extensive experience in aerial photography - we have a helicopter pilot on staff, and we have been flying drones since they first came on the scene.

Post Production

Our in-house facilities include non-linear edit suites; motion graphics and animation professionals; sound proofed voice-over recording booths; presentation studios for various shoot types including green-screen; all with an extensive music library.

Damn Good Productions Editing Suite for Post Production
Damn Good Productions Digital Distribution - YouTube, Vimeo, DropBox


Digital Distribution

We can deliver programs online via YouTube, Vimeo or DropBox; we can also transfer projects to broadcast networks globally using services such as Adstream, DubSat, and fibre/satellite.  We still process old school media as well.

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