Bright lights, clear sound, big screens... it's not what you do, it's how you do it.


The Damn Good team knows that when it comes to events, technology should never be used for technology's sake - it's all about enhancing your audience's experience.  Involve your audience with giant video screens, or have us devise a technically astounding presentation.   For over 25 years we have been called on to provide technical solutions to an event or two...



You would have seen us at public events (Australia Day, Tropfest, Anzac Day for instance); Rock Concerts (Mariah Carey, Robbie WIlliams, Kylie Minogue, 50 Cent, and Avril Lavigne to name a very few) - even Warner Bros came to us for help when shooting a little film called "The Matrix". And if its corporate presentations you are after, no problem. Just ask our friends at Macquarie, Westfield, JPMorgan, Ernst & Young, UBS, Westpac, American Express, and Volvo how we made their stars shine a little brighter. Why should you trust your star to just anyone? Let the Damn Good technical gurus "show you the light".


We have the lighting, sound, and visual equipment to stage (just about) any size event, from small corporate presentations right up to the largest arena spectaculars. Our speciality lies in providing complex visual solutions and multi camera shoots (Outside Broadcasts or OBs for short), where we provide the cameras and big screens for high profile concerts and public events.