When it comes to television production, the Damn Good crew have got

it covered. 


With over 25 years experience in the television industry, Damn Good know

what it takes to deliver programs that stand out from the rest. With inhouse

production and post-production equipment, and a gang of people who

know how to use it, we produce everything - documentaries, reality, and

variety just for starters. 


Sometimes our clients come to us with a TV idea and we make it happen -

from budgeting, to casting, to shooting, to putting it all together. Other times,

we have our own ideas that we bring to life. Whichever way it happens, our

mission is to bring high quality programming to the big screen, and our shows have been seen around the world. 


In addition to making our own programmes, we also provide facilities for other productions.  We have recently supplied facilities for ABC's Two Men In China, BBC's Helicopter Heroes Down Under, Network Ten's Can of Worms, and History Channel's Coast Australia just to name a few.We don't just do television programs, either. We make TVCs, "webisodes", and programs for corporate broadcast. Not sure what all that means? Just give us a call and, before too long, we'll be making beautiful TV together...